मातृदेविम नमस्तुभ्यमं मम जन्मदत्रिम त्वम नमो नमः।
बाल्यकाले माँ पालन कृत्तवा मात्रिकभ्यो त्वम नममयाहम।

"I Salute my mother, who gave me birth I also salute my other Mothers (Women) who added knowledge and wisdom to my actions and life to make me a good human being"

Map the growth of your child

Maatri focuses on a “GO GREEN” initiative by working with the mother for all the key parameters for their children and helps the family track and facilitate on the various aspects of health and well being for their children and the family.

Track your Pregnancy

Maatri enables you to capture the most precious moments of a parents life “to see the angel grow and coming to this world”. Maatri is a companion of the mother, a family member and works with her Pre and Post Pregnancy Stage.


Maatri app comes with a gamut of benefits

Maatri is a product “MADE IN INDIA FOR THE WORLD”. Maatri is an effort from the entire team to further empower the MOTHER, ease their journey of motherhood and help her manage the family health and other related information. Maatri works on building an intelligent package and providing all the needed information to the mother at the press of a button. Maatri is a GO GREEN initiative by Nexus. Some of the salient features of the product are

Connected Health Environment

One Connected environment for you, your angel and families

All in One

One place for all medical information about your angels and families

Build Memories

Build Memories for a Lifetime.

Connect & Share

Build, connect & share information
with your parents & families


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Get Notified Everytime

Robust reminder and notification

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We are a diverse family here
Its our Individuality that makes us a great team

Mr. Amit Singal
Founder & CEO

Amit is an inspirational leader and is completely a People's Man. His believes in "Great Teams makes Greater Companies". Amit has been 4 years into his Entrepreneurial journey where in building an IT Services Firm/Company on a Zero Debt model, structuring anImaging/Radiology business with has 4 operational centers (sits on the Board and an Investor) and  mentoring a Health Education Start Up. Amit has 18 years of Corporate Experience across domains and held some key management positions; Amit’s last position was IT  Head for VECV/Royal Enfield – Eicher Group. Amit is an alumnus of ISB andholds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT, Kurukshetra. Amit is penningdown a book and is involved some philanthropy efforts as well.

Mr. Amit Vyas
Co-Founder & CTO

Amit is a technology driven leader who believes in team work & is driven by passion. Amit has more than 21 years of overall industry experience spanning product development, leading large development teams, strategy, technology roadmap creation for companies in the space of Content Management, Logistics, Healthcare, HR, Big data and analytics amongst others. Amit has worked in companies like HCL, Aon & others before jumping on to being an entrepreneur & starting the Nexus HealthTech journey as Co-Founder and CTO. At Nexus Amit's vision is to make a difference in the world of Healthcare. Working passionately towards the vision, Amit is on a mission to define the roadmap and execution of boutique technology driven offerings to end consumers. Amit holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Pune University.








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A heartfelt message from the Management

It's time to introduce Nexus HealthTech Private Limited; a budding Start-Up designed and crafted in India by “Amit Singal Founder and CEO” and “Amit Vyas Co-Founder and CTO”. At Nexus, our vision is to bring empathy and build an eco-system of collaboration in the field of Health Care which benefits both the care-givers and the care-receivers. The mission is to accomplish the same through the boutique of technologically driven products offering that targets a very defined segment. We as Nexus representatives are striving to give personal attention and touch to our consumers. Nexus has given birth to the first baby named “Maatri”- an IT product which is our “SALUTE TO MOTHER AND HER FAMILY”. There is none other like a Mother and “Maatri” is designed to be like none other – a boutique product that attempts to be at a mother’s side throughout the wonderful journey of raising kids; by being there for the health care needs of her children as well as her family at the same time. GOD created ‘the mother’ because he cannot be present everywhere. “Maatri” cannot replace the mother but is our attempt to use technology to assist and guide her for an easy and smooth journey. “Maatri” is designed to be a B2B2C, B2B and B2C offering with the best care-givers in the Industry; they are our torch-bearers/mentors. Our Mentors have guided us to make “Maatri '' more practical and reachable to the audience, thereby creating a meaningful impact for a parent. We SALUTE OUR MENTORS too.  On a personal note, for both Amit & Amit, this has been a passionate journey for the last 8 months from ideation to concept to launch. These 8 months have had mixed emotions from never ending ideation and thinking sessions to a focused execution model oncethe vision was cemented into our DNA. We can’t thank our better halves, our “Maatri advisors”, our families, our parents, and friends and well-wishers who have lent us their patient ears as we set upon this journey. Not to forget the awesome team who made this all possible – THANK YOU each one of you!!! Cheers to new beginnings and we promise to keep innovating to keep the Nexus's visionalive. It is LAUNCH TIME now and the gears have been set in motion!

Amit Singal
Founder & CEO
Amit Vyas
Co-Founder & CTO

We have Co-created the application
with the insights from our Advisors

Dr. Bhawana

Bhawana is a mother of two young 10 & 7 year old girls . As Maatri advisor, Bhawana helps us to focus on the needs & what it takes to be a mother to young children who are at an age where they are learning things faster than ever, the questions ever increasing, the choices of food change every week & the load & pressure at school increasing with every passing session. Her insights help us focus design specific features in Maatri to help other mothers going through the same phase of motherhood. An avid cook, Bhawana also helps us with tips on how to cook fun food which is nutritional for the child at the same time.

Mrs. Minal Rajdeep Mahida

Minal is a mother of two boys 19 and 15 respectively and as Maatri advisor brings in a wealth of experience on the joys and challenges of raising children. At Maatri, Minal helps us with the situations a mother goes through when the children are you and when they enter their teens/adulthood. Her experience helps us shape the vision of Maatri to make the journey more enjoyable for the mother and help her prepare to the challenges and situations she can expect.

Ashutosh Kumar
Ranjeet Verma
Sumit Dahiya
Praveen Kumar
Gopal Gupta
Ekta Parikh
Arnab Roy

Who brought this concept to life

The team behind Maatri who worked tirelessly to make sure that the vision of Maatri is brought to a reality.



What is the ideation behind Maatri

We see mother as the power centre for a family and if a mother is fine the entire eco-system for the family is good. The idea is to empower the mother with the right information and ease her trouble in managing basic things for herself and her kid. We are very strong believers in building the “Empathy Bridge” and Maatri is in that direction.

How does Maatri increase the association with Maatri Mentor

The prime chord of Maatri is our Maatri Mentors/Doctors; it is their vision which we are laying out and working under their experienced guidance to ease and facilitate the entire information base. Maatri is and will be helping the Maatri Mother to get up to date right medical and relevant information more subjected to her.

How long is Maatri with me as a parent

Maatri once associated; will work to become a family member for life. Maatri aims to be part of every small happiness of the family and be a companion for life to you.

What is MaatriCare

MaatriCare is another information rich segment where right from Benefits of Breast Feeding, Information on routine Baby Care, Baby Products, Baby Clothing, Baby Diet, Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Genetics and Diagnostics, Stem Cells and other information will be enriched and provided.