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Digital Child Paediatrician

Track Development Milestones

Track the “Development Milestones” for your kids and get Development Assessment Report on Maatri. Designed by a renowned child Psychologist.

Online Expert opinions

Get the BEST and SAFE OPINION from the pre-eminent curated doctors in various fields in the comfort of your homes. EXPERTS matter.

Track Child Development

Become a Paediatrician by tracking the Growth of your children based on various factors such as height & weight as per WHO guidelines.

Manage Vaccinations | Get Digital Card

Manage the VACCINATIONS of your babies along with brand, barcode and share the Maatri Vaccination card.

Build beautiful memories

Build and share forever lifelong Memories with your child digitally - first teeth, first birthday and others.


Digital Family Health Doctor

Add Family Members - No Limit

Add all your family members and manage their health records digitally. Geographic distance does not matter now with Maatri

Online Expert opinions

Online Expert opinions from Doctors with 10+ Years of experience. EXPERTS matter

Maintain & Manage Health Reports

Easy and convenient maintenance of Health reports of the entire family digitally on the app for a lifetime. Add your PETS reports also

Share Health Reports

Share Reports with anyone, anytime anywhere.

Get Discounts & Coupons

Use "Maarti 16 Digit Health Card Number" to get discounts on doctor consultation, radiology tests, pathology tests and other collaborations.

Vitals Tracker

Capture Vitals

Tracking your BP, Sugar Level, SPO2, Temperature and General Symptoms is very easy with Maatri. All these can be Digitally Tracked, the information is stored and shown in easy to understand graphs and can shared with your Doctors. Maatri allows to manage the Vitals for complete family, parents, near and dear ones and helps the member to take the information management in their hands. There is no "Geographic Binding" to manage Vitals information for your family. Vitals glimpse

Capture Vitals
Manage Vitals
Share with your doctors
Reminders on Vitals
Alerts on Thresholds
Safe & Secure
Record and track your vitals on Maatri App

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