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  • Do you need a website & marketing upgrade for my healthcare practice?
  • Are you facing troubles in managing a lot of marketing activities & engaging with patients?
  • Have you signed a contract with an agency & am fed-up with their account managers changing frequently?
  • You don't know what my previous marketing agency's results were?
  • Do you need help getting more online patient reviews?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maatri ?
Maatri is a Premium Platform for Healthcare Providers and the Families. Maatri is primarily serving the B2B and D2C markets. With Maatri we intend to have the best top-notch doctors listed with a minimum of 10+ years’ experience. The consumers can find the best doctors, and judge them and they would be assisted by Maatri’s CRM team for assisted OPD Services with end-to-end management. From April 24, customers would have a login portal where all relevant OPD reports would be available to them on Maatri’s platform also.
What is the minimum experience of the Doctors listed with Maatri?
Maatri is and will work to add doctors from all fields of HealthCare with a minimum of 10+ years of experience only.
Will Maatri also act as a source of genuine information as well?
Maatri would have all the content like Blogs all written and vetted by the Doctors only.
How can I book my OPD with one of the Doctors?
You can fill in the Booking form which is available on a particular doctor’s page or you can take the help of our WhatsApp services to avail of the booking. Our CRM team will get back to help with the OPD booking with the doctor’s clinical staff and make sure with all the details to help you.
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