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Maari - Go Green initiative

Some interesting facts

Did you know?

24 Trees

Are cut down to make One metric ton of paper.

2 Lakh

Standard A4 sheets can be made from One Metric Ton Paper

If we pledge to go digital and not take printouts of prescriptions /
reports unless necessary, we can contribute to saving trees

Interesting facts

Carbon footprint of toners and printers

Average printer uses 30-50 watts of power during printing mode and 3-5 watts per hour on standby mode.

The manufacturing of just one unit of toner used in printing emits around 4.8 kg of carbon.

The toner itself is made of chemicals that are damaging to the environment. With recycling and reuse this can be controlled.

On an average approx. 50% of toner cartridges are not re-cycled & are thrown in garbage ending up in landfills causing damage to the environment