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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maatri ?
Maatri is your extended family member which is with you and your families always to manage your health information, to get you right information, to help you be stress free from all the manual management, to build a safe and secure Health Ecosystem for your family.
What is the ideation behind Maatri?
We see mother as the power centre for a family and if a mother is fine the entire eco-system for the family is good. The idea is to empower the mother with the right information and ease her trouble in managing basic things for herself, her kid and the family. We are very strong believers in building the “Empathy Bridge” and Maatri is in that direction.
What are the Features offered by Maatri for consumers?
Track Development Milestones for children under 5, Track Child Growth for children, Learning Difficulty Tests for Children between 5-10 years,Manage Vaccinations/Get Digital Card for children, Build beautiful memories for children, Add Family Members-No Limit, Maintain & Manage Health Reports, Share Health Reports, Get Discounts & Coupons, Online Consultation, Vitals Tracker, Vaccination at home
Who all  can use Maatri?
Maatri  can be used by anyone in the society be it grandparents, parents, our kids  and others.
Is there any limit to the number of family members I can add?
No, there is no limit to the number of family members we can add in Maatri.
Can my parents use Maatri for themselves?
Yes, Maatri can be used for the parents also and the parents can also manage health information for their grandchildren apart from their own health information.
Is there any limit to the number of medical reports I can add for my family?
No, there is no limit to the number of medical reports you can add.
Is there any time limit the medical reports are stored?
No, there is no time limit. Maatri is your Health Bank for a lifetime.
What is the Development Milestone Test?
It is a simple in depth test which the parents can take for their children to access that their development is progressing as per the defined standards.
How can I use the Development Screening Report for my child?
Post taking the Development Screening; Maatri will generate a Development Screening Report (designed by a known child behavioural paediatrician) which will give you information on the developmental progress of the baby by identifying RED Flags if any. This can be further taken up with the child behavioural paediatrician by the parent.
Can I manage the growth of my kids?
The growth of the kids to track height, weight, head circumference can be managed easily in Maatri and the plotting is done as per WHO approved graphs.
Can I manage the Vaccinations for my kids on my own?
Maatri provides a very simple interface where the vaccination cards can be updated for the kids and the same can be shared and printed for any further use.
Can I share the app with the friends?
Yes, Maatri can be shared with your friends by using the “Sharing icon” in the app.
Can I consult other doctors for my parents?
Yes, Maatri has some of the leading Experts in the panel and the same can be consulted by sharing information and doing a virtual or physical OPD.
Can I do Online Consultation with my doctor?
Yes, Maatri has Online Consultation available.
How does Maatri increase the association with Maatri Mentor?
The prime chord of Maatri is our Maatri Mentors/Doctors; it is their vision which we are laying out and working under their experienced guidance to ease and facilitate the entire information base. Maatri is and will be helping the Maatri Family to get up to date right medical and relevant information more subjected to them.
How can I benefit from Maatri Health Card?
Maatri Health Card (16 Digit card) helps you to get various discounts at various tie ups like Radiology, Pathology, various OPDs & Procedures and for other tie ups.
Can one Maatri Health Card be used for my entire family?
Yes, one Maatri card is good for all the family members who have been added in Maatri as the family.
What is MaatriCare?
MaatriCare is an information rich centre where right information for Children, Parents, Family is available. MaatriCare also has information on host of benefits/tie ups which Maatri intends to bring for your families.
If I change my device, can I restore all the information in my new device?
Your Maatri account is device independent and when you change your device, you can simply access your data by downloading Maatri on the new device.
How do I sync my data to another device?
You just have to download Maatri and login, all the information shall be fetched as is.
Does the Maatri app work outside of India?
For now we have enabled it for India only. We intend to take Maatri the GCC and the African Continent in some months.
What if I forget my pin, how can I retrieve it?
If you forget the PIN; you can reset it or mail us at care@nexushtech.com. The CRM team shall assist on the same.
What languages does Maatri support?
Currently, Maatri is available in English and Hindi. Maatri will be available in 3 other regional languages soon which are Marathi, Bengali and Tamil.
Why should I allow push notifications?
The push notifications will remind you about important events and dates. We also regularly send great specials via push notifications. So it is really worth having it enabled.
How do I reset my Maatri account password?
To reset your password, please contact Maatri via: care@nexushtech.com
Can I capture my medical record's Type?
Yes, Maatri has provision to capture Medical records type.
Can I share my Medical Records with my Doctor?
Yes, you can select a file(s) from the Timeline section, select the images and share them to the Doctor via email, whatsapp, etc.
Do you have Doctors on your panel with whom we can consult?
Yes, Maatri has some of the leading Experts in the panel, and their details are made available. You can also consult from the comfort of your home.
How can I change the phone number linked to my account?
Please connect with us over email at care@nexushtech.com or call us with your request. Our representatives will be happy to help you with the required information.
How can I change the email address linked to my account?
Please connect with us over email at care@nexushtech.com or call us with your request. Our representatives will be happy to help you with the required information.
How can I pursue partnerships & business development opportunities with Maatri?
Please contact us at care@nexushtech.com. Ensure that your subject line is 'Business Development' for faster reverts.
How do I create a Maatri profile for my child?
"Once you’ve created a Maatri account by adding your details, follow the prompts to add a new profile for your child and to purchase their assessment. Following this step, your child will be ready to get started! Tap on Start a new journey-> Register my kid-> Fill all the details asked-> start the journey-> Your child is ready to start his/her health journey with Maatri."
Can I create additional profiles for my other children?
Yes, you absolutely can! No limits.
What is the difference between Development Milestones Checklist and Development Screening?
Developmental Screening is an extension of Development Milestones Checklist. Screening will result in a custom report being prepared by a Child Psychologist and will clearly identify any RED Flags for ADHD, Autism and others.
When will I receive my Child’s Screening results?
Once you are done submitting the test, you will be able to view their results within the app Timeline Section in an hour.
How many tests do you have in Development Screening?
We presently have more than 10 assessments till the age of 5 years focussing on Emotional and Social aspects.
What does Maatri's Development Screening Test cost?
Maatri costs ₹199 (for lifetime) for multiple children in a family, which gives you access to 10+ Tests till 5 years of age. To purchase the Package, log in to the Maatri app, select upgrade.
What is the Learning Difficulty feature?
Maatri has some tests for knowing if the kid has Learning Difficulty. Post the questions are answered; a Report will be generated and parked in the Apps Timeline Section
Which graphs are you using to calculate the growth percentiles?
Maatri supports the World Health Organisation (WHO) graphs.
Can I maintain my child’s immunization details?
Yes, you can. You can also opt to receive vaccination reminders and generate digital vaccination cards.
Can I share my child's digital vaccination card with the doctor?
Yes, you can select the vaccination card and share to Doctor, school…etc via mail, whatsapp, etc.
Is online payment mode available?
Yes, it is.
Do you accept cash payments?
We prefer online payment.
Do I get a Payment receipt?
Yes, you get a payment receipt with GST details.
How do I download the Invoice?
Invoice can be downloaded under the invoice tab.
Can I cancel my Prime Membership after I have purchased it?
No. Once enrolled, you will not be able to cancel your Prime membership.
What is the Vitals Tracker feature in the app?
Vitals tracker is found under the user's profile. Here registered users can self-enter their and their loved ones vital signs and certain health measures. As a registered user, you can self-enter your blood pressure, body weight, track Sugar readings, SPO2 and more.
Why does the Maatri team take my Vital Signs?
Maatri team uses your vital signs and health readings to help: Identify changes in your health, Diagnose a disease or condition, Plan your treatment for a disease or condition, Evaluate your response to treatment, Monitor the course of a disease or condition over time.
Why might it be important for me to keep track of my Vitals?
The Maatri team may want you to partner with them to help them track your Vital Signs and Readings. When you do this, it may help them: Identify changes in your health, Evaluate your response to treatment, Monitor the course of a disease or condition over time. Talk with the Maatri team to find what you might do to help improve your health.
Can anyone access and view my health information in the vitals tracker?
No one has access to the health information you self-enter in the app. Your self-entered health data is saved in the app. The Vitals tracker self-entered data can be shared.
What are the requirements for using the Vitals Tracker feature?
Vitals tracker feature in the app is available to you based on your account type. All users who have a Basic account can view their self-entered information. If you are an Atma Nirbhar Package member, you can upgrade your account to Advanced or Premium. Upgrading your account will allow you to track vitals.
What Vital signs will I be able to self-enter and view?
You can track your blood pressure, blood sugar readings, SPO2, Heart rate, temperature , etc. When you are done entering your information, you can see graphs of your progress, and you can print, download, then share them with anyone, anytime.
What is the normal range for Vital Signs?
Normal varies from person to person. The normal range for vital signs may vary with age, sex, weight, exercise tolerance, and condition. Visit the MaatriCare to learn more about Vitals.
Where can I learn more about Vitals?
Visit the MaatriCare in the app to learn more about Vitals. MaatriCare has in-depth information.
Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with the Vitals Tracker feature?
You can contact us by mail about technical problems you have with the Vitals Tracker feature. Simply Tap "Contact Us" Feature on the left side of the app to send a mail to the Maatri Team.
Can more than one person use the vitals tracker?
No, there is no limit. Maatri is your and your loved one's Health Bank for a lifetime.
Can I share my Vital's readings/graphs with the doctor?
Yes, you can select and share to Doctor via mail, whatsapp, etc.