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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maatri ?
Maatri is your extended family member which is with you and your families always to manage your health information, to get you right information, to help you be stress free from all the manual management, to build a safe and secure Health Ecosystem for your family.
What is the ideation behind Maatri?
We see mother as the power centre for a family and if a mother is fine the entire eco-system for the family is good. The idea is to empower the mother with the right information and ease her trouble in managing basic things for herself, her kid and the family. We are very strong believers in building the “Empathy Bridge” and Maatri is in that direction.
Who all can use Maatri ?
Maatri can be used by anyone in the society be it grandparents, parents, our kids and others.
Can I use Maatri for my parents? If yes, how will it benefit them?
Yes, you can use Maatri for your parents to have for their medical records at one place, to get them the right medical advice and also right health information from the Medical Experts.
Is there any limit to the number of family members I can add?
No, there is no limit to the number of family members we can add in Maatri.
Can my parents use Maatri for themselves?
Yes, Maatri can be used for the parents also and the parents can also manage health information for their grandchildren apart from their own health information.
Is there any limit to the number of medical reports I can add for my family?
No, there is no limit to the number of medical reports you can add.
Is there any time limit the medical reports are stored?
No, there is no time limit. Maatri is your Health Bank for a lifetime.
What is the Development Milestone Test?
It is a simple in depth test which the parents can take for their children to access that their development is progressing as per the defined standards.
How can I use the Development Assessment Report for my child?
Post taking the development milestone test; Maatri will generate a Development Assessment Report (designed by a known child psychologist) which will give you information on the development progress and if there are any identified gaps the communication can be further taken with a child psychologist for guidance as this report forms the basis.
Can I manage the growth of my kids?
The growth of the kids to track height, weight, head circumference can be managed easily in Maatri and the plotting is done as per WHO approved graphs.
Can I manage the Vaccinations for my kids on my own?
Maatri provides a very simple interface where the vaccination cards can be updated for the kids and the same can be shared and printed for any further use.
Can I share the app with the friends?
Yes, Maatri can be shared with your friends by using the “Sharing icon” in the app.
Can I consult other doctors for my parents?
Yes, Maatri has some of the leading Experts in the panel and the same can be consulted by sharing information and doing a virtual or physical OPD.
Can I do Online Consultation with my doctor?
Yes, Maatri has Online Consultation available.
How does Maatri increase the association with Maatri Mentor?
The prime chord of Maatri is our Maatri Mentors/Doctors; it is their vision which we are laying out and working under their experienced guidance to ease and facilitate the entire information base. Maatri is and will be helping the Maatri Family to get up to date right medical and relevant information more subjected to them.
How can I benefit from Maatri Health Card?
Maatri Health Card (16 Digit card) helps you to get various discounts at various tie ups like Radiology, Pathology, various OPDs & Procedures and for other tie ups.
Can one Maatri Health Card be used for my entire family?
Yes, one Maatri card is good for all the family members who have been added in Maatri as the family.
What is MaatriCare?
MaatriCare is an information rich centre where right information for Children, Parents, Family is available. MaatriCare also has information on host of benefits/tie ups which Maatri intends to bring for your families.