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Frequently Asked Questions

Why MaatriEdge?

To help you digitize the Clinical experience fora Patient. Doctor and Patients both have access to health and visit records.The product will be white labeled with your brand.

Is Data migration possible if I’m already using a Software?

Yes. We can migrate your current data or information to MaatriEdge.

Do I need to pay for the new Updates or how does it work?

No. All the new updates are part of your subscription. There will be a Push Notification to update the App. In case of any assistance, our support team is always there to help you.

What will be the renewal Price? And time for renewal?

It’s an AMC based App where the renewal cost is similar to what you have paid for. The time for renewal is annual so you don’t have to worry about making Monthly payments or missing the date of renewal.

What is the Validity of the Trial? Do I need to pay anything upfront?

We understand that it is not easy to switch your general practice on a very new platform; Digital. But it easy to switch from any software to MaatriEdge. With this, we provide 30 Days trial for the App and you need not to pay anything upfront.

If I purchase a subscription before the trial expires, will I lose the remaining trial duration?

Asit is an annual subscription model, the trial duration (30 Days) is added to 1 Year or 365 days which means you’ll have 335 days for the next renewal.

What about Data security?

We have no access to Doctor’s or Patient’s information. MaatriEdge is in the process of Certification for  ISO 27001. (mention the server details and.bit encryption details)

Can you customize the App as per my requirements?

MaatriEdge is designed in such a way where we have included all the necessary information which will be required by the Doctors for their practice. A lot of research and efforts has been put to make the App user friendly as well as feature rich.Personal customisation is not possible but we assure you continuous update asper IMA standards.

How much time will it take to learn the App?

MaatriEdge is very user friendly and easy to understand. It is a step-by-step process which you generally follow in your day to day practice. It doesn’t really take much time to understand the features of the product.

Do you provide trial as I’m not really keen of quitting my hand-written practice?

Of course, we provide trials so that the Doctor is comfortable to take decision. With our expertise with the App, we assured that Doctor feel confident in using the product. It is as quick as writing a prescription by hand.

Does the trial version cover all the benefits or it is limited to paid subscription?

Yes, trial version covers all the necessary features. It will be auto-renewed once 30 Days trial is over and the payment has been made.

What if I’m stuck and unable to fix the situation myself, what will I do?

Our customer service team is just a Call away to help you out. Also, we assign a Senior Manager who’ll look after to all of your queries.

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