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The pandemic caused global disruption and a lot of people were left jobless. Economies shrunk, businesses faced losses, startups collapsed, and whatnot. Nexus is introducing an opportunity where you can restart your career or even if you are a fresher, this is an excellent career opportunity for you. There are thousands of people out there with the talent to revolutionize but they lack a platform. With the Maatri Internship Programme, Nexus hopes to provide a platform to these people and give them an opportunity to turn their future around.

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  • Maatri's vision is to empower every parent & family in India and educate them about smart and organized medical reports.
  • Every enrolled individual will be provided with a personalized link using which they can sell different packages offered by Maatri.
  • Once a transaction is made, they would earn 15% of the sale amount in their dashboard. An individual's payment amount will be done every 7 days.
  • Nexus will be onboarding Star Performers and working with them to include them in the Employment for the company and represent the company.
  • Every individual who participated with full enthusiasm will be presented with a "Certificate of Completion for their internship".
  • You will be entitled to FREE Coaching on Leadership & Mentorship from the Top 500 CEO/CXO in this country as part of our Leadership Initiative. People from renowned organisations like Google, Marks & Spencer, EY, KPMG, Infosys, Maruti and others will be joining us.
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