Combating Cerebral Palsy

Oct 3, 2019

Motherhood is a magical journey. However, having your child diagnosed with acute conditions could be a sense of deep pain and hopelessness for both the mother and child. Nobody wants to see their child suffer and hold back from normal activities in daily life. And one such alarming condition seen often in early stages of child growth is cerebral palsy.

Cerebral meaning ‘having to do with the brain’ and palsy meaning ‘difficulty in body movement’. Cerebral palsy or CP, thus refers to a group of disorders that affect muscle movement and co-ordination; most commonly the cause of motor disabilities in early childhood. It affects vision, hearing, and sensation in several cases. Majorly, CP attacks the voluntary functions and strains neurological problems too. Some have difficulty walking, sitting, speech or grasping objects. The symptoms range from mild to severe and may increase or decrease over time; depending upon the part of the brain affected.

Cerebral palsy presents a lot of challenges and the risk factors are wide-ranging. There is a wide gamut of information on the web for symptoms, care and medication forCP, but we often get asked – how do you believe everything that’s up there on the internet? Living with cerebral palsy can be an overwhelming life but what if we told you that the new ‘Maatri’ app could help empower you to stay updated, gain expert guidance and connected to a network of healthcare experts in the most efficient and proactive way? The correct path to take, the authentic guidance if more often than not an overwhelming task to achieve. And that is where ‘Maatri’ steps in by guiding you to the right doctor, the correct resources who can help you in this journey. No more fishing around in the dark for information.

‘Maatri’ is one place for all medical information at the press of a button. It is designed to be virtually by the side of mothers who wish to make their journey of raising kids a joyful experience. So when it comes to healthcare needs, diagnostics, nutrition or insurance plans, ‘Maatri’ ropes in a proactive, trustworthy, professional and multimodal service that is available right in your handset24x7. All you need to do is tap your screen! All the resources, information and real-time consultation is a resultant compassionate effort of the most experienced and professional pillars behind the foundation of ‘Maatri’.

Mothers always seek the best advice, inspirational and fresh perspectives on dealing with health problems affecting their children. Not always can you rush to a doctor or a clinic for medical assistance; even when the condition is minor. But yes, you would want to stay connected to a network of best care-givers in the industry who help stay updated with every little aspect of childcare –nutrition, health and development, child psychology and so much more. When you can’t make that visit to a doctor or seek guidance in terms of treatment, doctors, Maatri becomes your first hand of help.

As a mother, you want to read about how you could get the best treatment and assistance to help your child live the world to its fullest limits. Maatri alsohelps mothers prepare for challenges and situations that they can expect in raising children.

CP can’t be cured but one can definitely learn to stay active even with it. There are several active ways to cope living with CP on daily basis – activities such as hydrotherapy, painting, reading help strengthen, sharpen and work the fine motor muscles. The goal is to keep moving. Let cerebral palsy not ‘lock up’ your child’s life. After all, as the age-old saying goes “a body in motion, stays in motion”.