May 18, 2021

Life is unpredictable. Brace yourself with a suite of coping mechanisms, internal and external, then deploy them flexibly

- Selda Koydemir

When we have so much pressure and negative force coming from outside , it is important to develop a force inside that has a lot of power to deal with such pressure and come out of it . Stress can be different to different people and what we have come to an understanding is that it is inevitable;It is bound to happen. It will have different forms and shapes but you won't be able to stop it enough.With every stage of life, you will have a new battle. It is interesting to see a match as to who gets heavy, the stress on you or you on the stress,that is you overpower it. And Resilience is all about overpowering the stress.

One must have heard how a small fight between two friends strain so much that one break into tears and becomes difficult for him/her to concentrate anywhere for hours or even days.Whereas we have also seen an adolescent excelling in academics with abasic book under a street light without having much to eat throughout.

Taking these two scenarios, we can easily make out that both are in an uncomfortable situation that is causing stress to them in one way or the other but the ability to deal with this adversity and oddities of life is called as Resilience. In simple terms, Resilience is nothing but how effectively one copes with the life stressors.

Life is full of twists and turns but with every challenge we are learning and growing from it and that is in turn helping us build our resilience.

Factors like challenge, persistent efforts, grit, commitment, hardiness, mental toughness,dedication, competence, adaptability and flexibility talk on similar lines asResilience and contribute greatly to it. Another important way of building your resilience is investing your energy into something more productive and constructive. Rather than crying, yelling or whining about it one can invest them into something where one find solace in. Humour-This knack doesn't comes easy to everyone however one can develop it overtime and it is a strategy that helps you deal with a situation in the best possible way. The other very important and useful strategy is emotional flexibility which gives u the scope of looking at a situation in a different way offering you different perspectives to it and thus increase your understanding towards it and in turn give you more power to deal with it.

It is a powerful tool to deal with issues related to health , relationship, Parent-child conflicts, family conflicts, academic pressure, workload, other interpersonal issues and many varied minor or major life stressors. Research shows a strong relationship between Resilience and quality of life which here means that asthe the resilience increases the quality of life increases. As, life is unpredictable one must live a fruitful life and one can make the most of it by growing with each day and coming out of life’s problems each day more stronger and better. This serves as one way to make life more promising, meaningful and fulfilling.