The Carbon Footprint in India- Gurugram and Maatri - Our Solution

Feb 24, 2022

The Carbon Footprint in India-Gurugram has the highest level, almost 4 times the national avg.


Gurugram has emerged as one of the highest carbon footprint spots and we have a SOLUTION!


We are battling against all the right things- the pandemic, unemployment, poverty, the fight to rebuild the dent in the economy etc. but where do we stand when it comes to carbon emissions? Did you know that according to the latest survey and stats released, India is the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases and accounts for 2.46 billion metric tonnes of carbon or 6.8% of the total global emissions. The average carbon footprint of every person in India was estimated at 0.56 tonne per year– with 0.19 tonne per capita among the poor and 1.32 tonne among the rich.


It is also estimated that in our nation therich cause seven times more emissions than the poor. Another recent survey conducted by the researchers at Japan’s Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,Gurugram has emerged as one of the highest carbon footprint spots. It has over 2 ton CO2/capita of carbon footprint!The survey included 623 of the country’s 741 districts which covered over 2lakh households. The matter of the highest concern is that Gurugram’s carbon footprint is 10 times higher thanthe district which had the smallest footprint in the study- Boudh in Odisha.Also, Gurugram’s emission is double than that of the entire Delhi.


Our Solution


We, at Maatri, take the environment, climate change, global warming and such issues very seriously. In fact, the entire foundation of our initiative Maatri lies on this approach. We want theworld-starting from our own nation to go digital because the environment is a gift to us. We are blessed to be a part of this beautiful nature but are we treating it right?


Some researches and surveys suggest that around 15 billion trees are cut down each year. So, hypothetically speaking, it would take just over 200 years for the world's forests to completely disappear.Did you know that 24 trees are cut down to make one metric ton of paper! Almos t2 Lakh standard A4 sheets can be made from one metric ton paper. Printing these sheets uses 30-50 watts of power and manufacturing of just one unit of toner used in printing emits is around 4.8 kg of carbon. Needless to say, the toneris made from harmful chemicals that contribute to the damage we are causing to the environment.


What is worse is that almost  50% of toner cartridges are not recycled & are thrown in garbage ending up in landfills causing more damage to the environment. Now the question arises- What can we do? The answer is too simple.We can stop taking printouts of prescriptions/reports unless necessary. This simple, yet effective step can contribute towards saving trees which are the primary source of oxygen on earth for us.


Through our app Maatri- which is easily available on android and iOs, you can simply save all your medical records digitally. You can add unlimited family members and get easy access to your and their medical history anytime, anywhere. You can share these reports with anyone globally, of course with your permission.  We urge you to go digital with us and do your part in saving the environment.


We are thankful to the 11,500+ Maatri members who have made the smart choice by digitising their health records. We believe that our initiative can play a huge role in reducing the carbon footprint of India. Apart from digitising your records, Maatri offers online expertise from renowned doctors, tracking developments and vaccinations,generating health cards along with many exciting features.


We, together, can take a pledge to help our nation reduce the carbon footprint and move towards making the correct choices.Are you with us?

(Some inputs courtesy TOI)