The Growing Up Years – The Corona Era

Mar 24, 2020

The recent activities worldwide have impacted most families; brought forth such a scenario never to be visualised. All have been left high and dry, in absolute seclusion; devoid of society and of  any help, to manage our daily chores. In every situation we at Maatri believe  brings an opportunity ;this current situation gives us some time for speculation as well as an apt usage of this period. Follows :

1.         Will help our youngsters to take the mantle and helping their elders in household activities to manage the home.

2.        Becoming self-reliant as they grow up and begin their own journeys; they need to be more confident in handling stuff on their own and this time will only help them in becoming independent. Cleaning their rooms, managing their clothes, manage their shoes, manage their studies and host of other things.

3.        We also see this as a great time for families to imbibe the bond which was going into darkness. We should not have any excuses now about time,  as social distancing has given us all the time to develop lost relationships and also take up lost past time s and hobbies.

4.        Time also for the kids to start getting into the habit of reading; knowledge and concentration levels are bound to increase by this.

5.        Kids can help their mothers in cooking and can learn the skills beyond the “2 Minute Maggi”.

6.        Managing in the means we have; a good time for kids to learn the value of money as well as lot of industries are cutting down on the salaries and laying off people so for some their parents will be affected so good time for them to learn that value of the hard earned money.

7.         To understand the difference between the Need and the Want. Want are the luxuries which can become the need so a very good time for them to learn that.

8.        Kids whose grandparents are with them; time to bond and learn from the growing up years of their grandparents when the means were scarce.

9.        Also, for the tech savvy kids to collate all the medical records of their families and collate in Maatri so that in times of panic the information is a single click away.

Every era teaches us something and this is great time which is God given in some way, for us to spend time with our loved ones, to value them and not to take them for granted. When this passes; we will always remember what it taught us families; how it matured our kids and how important it is for us to keep all the information handy as we cannot take things or people for granted.