The importance of Functional Training by Ms. Mini Shukla

Dec 29, 2020

Being functional is a gift that should be cherished by everyone as we all are born to be functional. Our bodies have been programmed in this manner and we should work towards maintaining our range of motion and natural body postures.


In the world of gyms, weights and stress,people have forgotten to be functional and use 56111their bodies in the best possible ways. Being functional is a good way to keep fit throughout the day and for the rest of your life. Our long forgotten squats should be back inpractice and should be used more often – be it while eating, watching TV or into day's scenario while playing games especially when it comes to our little nes.


These days children have lost out on flexibility due to various reasons and their bodies are way less functional and flexible than they should be. Parents must encourage their kids to play outdoor sports and games of their choice with lesser stress on workout or exercise regime.


Functional Fitness programs increase the ease of everyday movement and not only have low impact but also are easy on your joints. Functional training increases flexibility, coordination, balance and posture. It also helps you with your joint pain and at the same time reduce the risk of injury.


The beauty of functional workout is that it can be done anytime and anywhere using only your body weight. If done right it can work like magic, get you your desired results be it weight loss, toning or strength. Core stability and body balance go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining correct posture and living an injury free life. All these fitnessaspects can be achieved with a functional fitness regime right within your comfort zone.


This fitness vertical should be practised by all age groups but under a qualified coach and with your practitioner’s consent in case of any medical history or injuries. Various body balancing equipment can be used to achieve advanced results and with varied movements to avoid hitting a plateau. Functional training paired with a proper and balanced diet will work wonders for you in achieving your goals.


If you have just become a new mom, you probably know how surprisingly beautiful the human body is. Now that you have given birth, it's time for you to work towards recovering. Don’t rush anything.Listen to your body, spend time with your little one and start off in a phased manner.


It took nine months for you to grow your bundle of joy, so returning back to your pre pregnancy body isn’t going to happen in a moment. It's a process. If you weren’t active (functional training)during pregnancy, then don’t start right away. Consult your doctor before you begin exercising. Additionally, a lot depends on how the birth was. Tearing and other complications suggest you need more time to heal before thinking about working out.


If you feel you are ready to start with your functional training, make sure you don't exert too much. Now that you area mom, things have changed. Hormones, breastfeeding affects your joints and you need to be aware of the changes. High impact cardio, for example, can cause unnecessary stress.


Functional training helps improve your ability to carry out day to day tasks. Daily tasks like picking up the baby or pulling the pram up stairs. Exercises such as squats help strengthen your core muscles and tighten your abdomen. Functional exercises are a great way to correct your alignment, posture and strength.


So, next time you are tired of your same old gym routine or want to take a break from work stress or just simply want to have fun, just hit your nearby community park and just be functional !!