The Paediatrician - A parent’s true friend

Oct 2, 2019

I was at a party recently and I was talking to a paediatrician. We wereenjoying our conversation, which was interspersed ever so frequently with Whatsappmessages on her mobile. She apologetically  told me “You know the anxiety of new parents!”.How would I not know, having a premature baby myself and with no clue how tohandle one? Speaking to her, I realized yet again the importance of apaediatrician in my life or for that matter to any new mother. My baby’sPaediatrician came to meet me in the hospital before my C-Section, helped meget comfortable in the mind, even though it would be a premature birth. Thosecomforting words while lying on the OT table was such a huge relief for us.  I remember with warmth how my Gynaecologist andPaediatrician worked to do what was best for my baby at birth.


Our relationship with our baby’s first doctor is a very big deal,because we would like to give the best possible start to our child. We want thedoctor to help us understand minor ailments and listen to us with our mostinnocuous (read that as often silly) doubts, because the internet isn’t able todecipher our minds. Maatri understands a mother’s changing perspective intoday’s information rich world, where we still need the expertise of a doctorto help us through. So how does Maatri really do it, build this personal bond?In today’s technology driven world, we have apps that deal with all aspects ofpregnancy, doling out information at us. The one question we often askourselves is “Really? Can we trust this source?” And that’s where the Maatriapp comes in. It is always one step ahead of the game as they nurture and growthe relationship between the paediatrician, mother and growing baby. We needhuman contact to win over knowledge bites on a screen, don’t we?


Fostering an online relationship, with a one-on-one direct virtual access with our baby’s doctor, is only the beginning. Maatri believesthat a personal relationship is a must, the healing hands of our doctors musttouch us and their smiling faces reassure us that all will be well. Maatri enablesthese personal exchanges by organizing coffee meets for parents and doctors tointeract, discuss and clear all doubts. These meetings are in informal settingswhere parents can relax and meet other parents as doctors go about addressingconcerns and updating new moms on the latest medicines, nutrition tips and anyother relevant updates.


Maatri gives information on baby health, nutrition, emotional,psychological and physical needs directly from renowned paediatricians. Itprovides just the right online environment by creating a storehouse ofinformation which is relevant for you and your baby. In the process, Matri bringstogether relevant expertise with pertinent knowledge, all aimed at thehappiness and wellbeing of this wonderful journey of motherhood. Content willconstantly be added, updated and vetted by child specialists, so there’s no riskof any misinformation. And this in itself is one huge score above informationon the net. You needn’t doubt the authenticity, nor the relevance in yourbaby’s case. You will have knowledge to make an informed decision for your baby.Since the Medicare world is changing so rapidly, Maatri will also bring you thelatest advances in pre and post natal technologies, medicine and vaccinations.This will empower parents to choose wisely what is best for their child.


Maatri believes that by having an open and ongoing relationshipswith parents, Paediatricians can monitor and guide developmental progress,address parental concerns and support the child’s needs, thereby investing intheir healthy future.