Maatri - Because a mother needs an assistant

Oct 2, 2019

In this day and age, ‘Motherhood’ is not what it used to be; medical science has demystified pregnancy and technology has exposed you to various parenting styles. We are aware of what to expect when we are expecting. Today we are more hands-on parents, simply because we have fewer kids and are more involved in their upbringing. We have more choices in the aspirations for our children- thanks to the Internet. Starts with how we would like to birth our child, the hospital, the labour-pain management, potty training, to breastfeeding. Just type in your query on Google or ask your Google assistant.


‘Maatri’  the Gurgaon based website and all-about-the-baby app is all set to be the perfect family companion for the mother, father, grandparents and caretakers too. Maatri is a platform not just driven by technology, but by a mother’s emotions and her practical timelines. Maatri has developed a one-stop-shop for motherly advice, purposeful baby items and serves as a one-stop mom and baby record keeper. This makes life so much easier to manage for Mommy and other caregivers in the family. No papers or files that can be misplaced, no need to surf the net for every little confusion, no stress of figuring the source of authentic information. Also you have objective data on hand when needed, as in what were the specific milestones in the child’s development or when was the last flu shot given? Maatri is your go-to app everything baby related. All of these enabled not just through technology, but through a thorough understanding of the journey of a mom from pregnancy to baby birth and beyond.


It is wonderful to find on the Internet and social media likeminded parents to connect with, who share our same doubts and dilemmas. The reassurance we receive from other parents has made the internet our go-to resource on any parenting query. This is only the beginning of a new form of digital parenting.Maatri is here to help be your sounding board where you can have honest conversations with other mothers and experts, so that you can address your parenting concerns but not let information pervade your life. Previously elders advised young mothers, digital interfaces have now taken over. Maatri helps you authenticate such information sharing. You no longer need to weed out the useful from the trash.


The only downside is the Internet is a landfill of parental advice and it is hard to wade through the overwhelming amount of information and opinions in order to find helpful advice and to connect with a supportive community. Social media also instils in us the ‘perfect parenting’ bug, which at times leads us to doubt ourselves as parents.This is where Maatri as a technology assistant will help see you through the information pile and customize information to your query, helping you maintain your perspective on mothering issues, empowering you as a mother. Technology has changed the rules of parenting, but parenting is still the same game. You and Maatri are on the same team.