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Our Impacts

Decentralisation of Healthcare

We know the reach of services and Maatri is working to decentralise the whole ecosystem by working at Paeds Centres, Schools, Corporates and make sure that the SELF checks are available to mothers, fathers for children from the age of 2 months to 17+.

Decentralisation. Accessible. Free

Earliest. Closest. Surest. The concept of Maatri is to provide right informed and easy access to services for our children.

Experts at HOME

Maatri is working tirelessly to bring the EXPERT to your homes. Children we understand are very special and we believe that as a parent you have to be provided with all resources at home in the best way we can.

Strengthening the Current Experts Systems

Maatri is working to strengthen the current clinical system by working with experts. Our CHILD DEVELOPMENT ASSESSMENTS system are part of the growing network of partner clinics.

More convenient than larger hospitals

Time & Money Saved. Two - three hours to a whole day’s time. The gains are huge in comparison to the time people used to spend in traffic, commute and in queues at hospitals.

Digitising records

Maatri is digitising patient records with the help of the Maatri app. The clinics use tablets for registering patients and recording diagnoses, generating CHILD Progress Reports and further support with Developmental and other Experts.

Timely diagnosis & treatment

In absence of any immediately available healthcare centre people tend to ignore and delays going to Doctor.With the facility of Maatri Services at Paed Centers and a full range of specialists, getting timely diagnosis has become easy and possible.